About Deb

Deb’s love of art started at a young age along with her love and passion for all animals great and small.

Deb is a self-taught artist with no formal training, her passion for animals and wildlife conservation has inspired her to paint with pastel and charcoal as her primary mediums. Deb also enjoys working with scratchboard.

Deb has attended many workshops, continually seeking to improve her skills and her knowledge of the mediums she works with. These workshops offer great opportunities to meet “admired” artists and learn new techniques from the masters.

Deb aims to support wildlife conservation through the sales of her artwork, attempting to save endangered species from extinction so that her grandchildren and our future generations can enjoy them.

30% of all sales are donated to wildlife conservation causes annually. These causes are selected by Deb, either through association with other artists who share the same passion or through meeting conservation groups on her travels.

Deb has been a member of the Pastel Artists of South Australia since 2014, and currently holds the office of Treasurer.